Friday, January 15, 2010

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This last December, (on my birthday outing) Ann and I went to a Craft Show, that wasn't very exciting. We got there perhaps a half an hour before it was closing, but we did see someone selling these post it note message thingys. Anyhow, being "two crafty cousins" we knew we could replicate it. It was basically one of those plastic 5X7 photo frames that can stand up on their own. You basically make a background and slide it in and put the whole thing upside down so that it sits up at an angle. I know a tutorial would be better, but yeah...sorry that isn't going to happen. Maybe Ann will do one. She did this same craft for her card swap group. They swap cards and do a make and take.
I wrapped some ribbon around the top and slapped a three layered flower on it and then a post it not pad. I made four in 15 mins. Sweet!

Paper- Making Memories Chelsea's Place

This layout probably won't make sense to you cause well.... its just for me. It is layout two for the 52 in 2010 Class. Check them out. But basically it is for New years resolutions and I chose my most important one that basically deals with two of my resolutions, that is save money and Stay on budget. So "Save on Target" is sort of a Star Wars thing... "Stay on Target." you know... when Luke is in his fighter jet and and is going to drop a blast to blow up the death star. I seriously had this conversation with my husband last night... he brought up how Avatar (the new movie) was like the Wookies, in tune with nature. And then I teased him saying that it all comes down to Star Wars. And then we laughed to say "Everything we learned in life, we learned from Star Wars." I found it especially funny that I (yes, I like Star Wars... but dh LOVES Star Wars) that I had a reference to Star Wars in my scrapbooking. My journaling is a tag that can be pulled out behind the picture. So along with the theme for this layout, there was a challenge to do some sewing on it too. Caught that around the green patterned paper. Gees. I have been saving this Star Wars Scrapbooking paper that I got from Simple Pleasures in Colorado Springs in August for a layout to do for my oldest son. Wouldn't it have been funny to use Star Wars Paper for this? So cheesy, I know. Funny, but cheesy.

Paper is CTMH Emporium
Letters cut out with my MM Slice
Prima flowers
Clear button

10 Things I love about David (AKA Prince Charming)
Yeah!!! My first layout for my All About Me Album (10 things I.... in 2010) And I got to use my new Valentines Paper.
Paper- BoBunny- A Gift of Love
Little Yellow Bicycle -Heart Spinner, clear cut shapes (sweet love), Jewel Stickers
Making Memories-Sweets

I lifted this layout idea from the Feb 2010 Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Page 28.

Ha Ha... got one out before Ann!

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  1. Very clever idea for the page - I love it