Sunday, February 6, 2011

ANNs 2010

We decided to move, so i had to sell a house, buy a new house, dejunk, pack unpack, dejunk again, now its 2011.  So no i didnt create a ton of scrapbook layouts, but i did create some. I covered a few journals, made some cards, and ATC's.  I will post a few pics of my favorites of the year.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Goodness Girls Valentines Corsage Package Recieved

I got my package from my partner, Shara, today for the Sweet Goodness Girls Valentine Corsage Swap. I so loved the anticipation of waiting for it to come. My first Valentine of 2011.
Look at the little people she created. Almost like those Waldorf Bendy dolls (I hadn't though about using those on the corsage)
A wonderful candy cane heart, Hershey kisses and two boxes of candy hearts.

Just look at his haul I got. I just love Swap Mail.... So much bliss in one little box is pure heaven.

I couldn't get this last little goody to focus well but it is a rock that says "smile." Oddly enough it is my favorite part of the package and it has been snagged by my oldest to be put on the downstairs nature table and the corsage is now proudly displayed on my daughter's upstairs holiday display table. And our first Valentine is there too.
Thanks Shara...I really liked the corsage and you are just so creative. It was a privilege to be your partner. I can hardly wait to hear how you liked the one I sent. I think that is the best part of a swap, awaiting the response of the one you sent your heart and soul encased in a bit of handmade goodness. No wonder they call the swap group, Sweet Goodness.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines Corsage Swap with Sweet Goodness Girls

So here comes the rebirth of this blog. Finally after a crazy fall for both Ann and I. Ann moved.... (Sniff, Sniff ) to WA. And thus we both have kind of gone through a dry spell. Hopefully that will be done for a while.
Here is my package for the Sweet Goodness Girls Valentines Corsage Swap. So above is it all wrapped up to be mailed. A cute fabric box from World Market and a cute little V-Day Tag/Ornament And a Heart tin with some Chocolate.

Open the box with the corsage nestled on some wood shavings. I loved those so much better than some plastic filler.

And the corsage with some vintage music, ribbon, and bling.