Thursday, August 6, 2009

ANN's # 26 - 45

I am having a very bad week, so to help; I scrapped, and scrapped I did!!! These layouts are of Christmas 2003. I was able to cut down my 5 inch stack of photos by half; who doesnt take tons of pics at Christmas.

I know you are looking at the photos thinking, "Hey I can count and that is not 20 - 2 page layouts", well, I only took one photo of each set. Set?? When I first began scrapping I decided on the events that all the children are a part of, they will get their own page; so each of the layouts above I made 5 of.

Yeah that means, 20 layouts, 40 pages, one full bottle of fabri-tac (Large), 5 packs of BASIC GREY;fruitcake paper, 320 photos used, and I did it all on two large, new tables ( Heather sorry yours is covered up, hehehehe did you expect anything different) and in two days!!! woo hoo, it was such a big under - taking, that I have been ignoring.... But needed doing. Off to go put them all in the albums.

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